Monday, June 8, 2009

What? I graduated?

Get used to this epic lack of blogging, i don't feel like i'll be getting better anytime soon but hey at least i'm trying, right? That matters? So graduation and pinning and everything else that came along with the ever-anticipated leave from Catholic school was very very.....nice? I can't really tell you how i feel about it, i just know that i cried more then i ever thought i would. I miss some of the people already because i'm well aware of the fact that we're going to drift, but then again i'm alright with it. It was a melancholy experince to say the very least. And now....drum roll please.....PICTURES!!! (black dress and t-shirt and b-bal shorts=pinning and the after picning other dress and fancy hair=graduation) I so wish i had better pictures of graduation because my dress....oh my goodness i'm so in love with it hahaha all the full lengths are on my mom's and vicki has some, i'll have to steal and update you guys later...
I'm sad about jon and kate plus 8, and yes that's random but i really am. Jon and Kate plus hate man...:(