Monday, December 31, 2007


So i was siting here trying my hardest to think up a catchy little deal about 2007 when it hit, a list of things in 2007 that I'm tired of!

I'm tired of being called stupid, I'm tired of people giving me weird looks for being a spaz, I'm tired of being afraid to cry in public, I'm tired of (OK i never thought I'd say this) being told how pretty i am by boys who i really don't like that much, I'm tired of stupid boys who waste my time, I'm tired of being expected to like one of those stupid boys, I'm tired of rumors, I'm tired of being back stabbed, I'm tired of the way i put on a dumb fake smile when everyone knows I'm not in a good mood, I'm tired of the way people generalize other people (popular, geek, prep, slut, etc.), I'm tired of being generalized, I'm tired of people making me feel bad over MY decisions, I'm tired of caring soooooo much about what other people think, I'm tired of people thinking I'm slutty for having sooo many guy friends, I'm tired of a certain girl telling people that i have bad motives and that my goal in life is to make all the good guys bad, I'm absolutely sick and tired of stupid crap that's just plain stupid, I'm tired of social studies class, I'm tired of trying sooooo hard for grades that don't seem to matter, I'm tired of battling a certain teacher EVERY day for my personal beliefs that have NOTHING to do with her, I'm tired of thinking about my dad, I'm tired of Columbia Missouri, I'm tired of private school,and now I'm just plain tired!

so here's a toast, a toast to a better year! love you all and hope you ring in the new year with style, dignity, and grace!


Pretty little presents...

Heres some pics of my beloved christmas gifts! among them are uggs, an ipod touch, a lovely juicy cotoure purse, and the coveted nintendo ds!!!! Psst i got a betsey johnson purse but i couldn't find a pic!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


OK so, i probably have over 10 pairs of shoes and i think i need more, lol!!! But i was just thinking about how a shoe can ruin or totally make and outfit. If your crocs, with a ball gown, no matter how beautiful that ball gown is everybody will be talking about your crocs. So i compiled this photo list of shoes that are perfect, and can be worn with almost (ALMOST!) anything!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


So i'm one of those people who ALWAYS has there camera, and if you looked threw said camera, 95% of those pictures would be of myself...teehee, so im deciding to showcase that!

i love how the only colored thing is my lips
lol i was attempting to get all emo...haha i guess its as emo as a blonde chick can be
Side Ponytail elgance!
i miss summer :(
i made a beautiful mistake
rockin the "I <3 NY" t-shirt!!!!
Have you noticed a pattern? Not once am i smiling and if i'm not doing that thing with my lips i'm doing the whole "peace" thing...i'm strange

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Coming off the christmas high...

Like most Americans i feel this year i was slighted at Christmas time! Trust me, i got what i wanted and more and for that part of Christmas i am (and will eternally be) grateful! But the other part of Christmas the part where Christmas music fills the mall the week before the holiday, the part where Santa visits the mall maybe a couple weeks before baby Jesus' birthday, and the part where the bell ringers at the front of every store were a constant reminder that Christmas is also about giving.

Our societies first offense: Christmas trees come onto the scene around July, come on people! If you want us all to get all excited over Christmas think about the fact that you start it in summer!

our societies second offense: since when does Santa come out of hiding the day after thanksgiving? its one thing to put your Christmas tree up then, but Santa? come on! our children our gonna end up thinking Santa comes on the 4th or something!

our societies third (and definitely not final) offense: I don't know about you but i don't prefer Christmas music in say...NOVEMBER! Helooooo, do people forget about thanksgiving?

our societies fourth offense: what about Kwanzaa, Chananukah, and even freaking thanksgiving! i don't know about you but i didn't see a single pilgrim poster or anything all November. And i can't think of one time I've ever seen a lit menorah on t.v. (except on deal or no deal, i commend you Howie Mandel!) and what about Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa is sooooo looked over i don't even know what shows and our stores are supposed to show on this Holiday!

and finally our societies fifth offense: I don't know about you but i haven't seen a bell ringer this whole holiday season! COME ON! that to me is my signal that "hey, America really has lost any heart it had!". At least the salvation army knows that Christmas isn't all about get, get, get! after all, the man that would die to save us ALL was born on the very day that Christmas is celebrated!

So...all i have to say is Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa
Because God knows we've been hearing it since the middle of November!


Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm starting a new tradition! Considering the fact that it is indeed Christmas eve day I'm handing in my keyboard for cookie cutters and an apron! Christmas cooking is the bestest! cannot wait for Christmas morning! hope you guys have a merry merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! Santa and I love you!

our Christmas tree! i love all the festive antique wooden ornaments!!!!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ice Storm...

The looks of ice threw the eyes of a future photog princess! (me)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A bit about the girl...

hey ok so i'm gonna enlighten you a bit about myself! And what better way then in list form!

1. my all time favorite color is pink!
2. i talk alot
3. i say like alot
4. my friends and family are the world to me
5. i would go crazy without my friends and family
6. i go by reggie quite a bit thanks to my friend gage
7. i play basketball
8. i'm a proud owner of an ipod touch!
9. a day doesn't go by where i don't listen to at least one solid hour of music
10. i'm absolutley adicted to youtube!
11. i'm kinda in love with ryan sheckler (google him)
12. i have a fetish for designer purses and currently own a prada, coach, and dooney and bourke
13. i recently discovered that i'm pretty good at photography (future career?)
14. i would take reading a book over doing a math problem absolutley any day!
15. i'm not sure how long this list is gonna go16. i'm not a fan of winter at all, not even a little bit
17. if i were president i'd make it a law for people to truly listen to children
18. i think icecicles are extremley amazing
19. it countinues to mesmerize me how oblivous people can be sometimes
20. this list is now over!

thats not even the half of it folks!! :)


And so it begins...

well i wanted to give this blog thingy another shot! i figured its safer than myspace and it defiently would cause less arguments between me and my mom so here i go! This blog is gonna be about my day to day life, fashion, t.v., music, my new ipod :), and basically anything i feel like posting!!!! teehee! i figured i'd show u what i'm all about in one simple picture:

its bold, its pretty, in some way it strikes me as intelligent, its simple, its me, and it basically says it all!
hope this all works out!