Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hey guys! ok so there is a TON of stuff going on this week, but next week i will be back and better then ever!

expect a post of birthday presents AND of my birthday party

ooo i got a cell phone!! THRILLED!


Saturday, April 26, 2008


Happy Birthday to me!!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Friends...

This is, in a way, a birthday gift to all of you from me! On one hand, all the people in the blogging community who read my blog have to hear about my friends all the time. And all my friends who read this have requested/demanded/begged for a posts about ALLLL of them....yeah they're cool like that ok! Soooo here i go!!!

Melissa: I've hated you, i really have!!! haha what a great way to start, it all started in kindergarten when i totally tattled on you for having gum, then there was the whole "well i'm only your friend because emily's your friend!!!" incidents in 3rd grade. And then WAM! I don't really know what happened, but we suddenly we're joined at the hip! And i will never ever regret any of it, because now we know life is better as friends! You've seen me at my worst and at my best and you STILL love me, we laugh about EVERYTHING!!! (ie. honkie stickman, sexy headbands, and freaky men with big coats). The memories are endless, thank you for being here for me for like, ever!!!

Madisen/Maddy: What a great girl!!!! I honestly had never really hung out with you until this year, but im sooooo glad i started! You are and amazing girl, and an amazing friend!!!! You've made me laugh countless times, and you always seem to find a way to put a smile on my face, Madisen you are amazing! i love you, in a totally non-lesbian sorta way!!! haha!
Victoria: what can i say about you Victoria!!!!! lol. You are 20 years old, and are honestly one of the nicest adults i have EVER met. I really do turn to you for advice, and you always make my problems seem much much smaller! You are WIIIIISE!!!! haha...we're dorks but i love it! Thanks for everything, and i mean that because there are alot of things that would of been alot more difficult if you wouldn't of been there to tell me it would all be ok!
Trisha: I know we haven't gotten along in the past, and even now sometimes we don't, but i think that's the beauty of our friendship, we always seem to get through it all and come out of it STILL friends, LYLAS!!!!Jackson: I hit you alot, and you get mad at me alot, but its amazing!!! HAHA!!! I think you've made me laugh a milliondy times, and i looooove that about you! Your great, and you actually listen to my silly girl problems, thank you for that!
Patrica: AGHHHH ITS GOYZLE!!!!! teehee, i love you, you have been here for the tears and the laughs and that is why i love you, you know i can be a total mess but you still love me anyways, and that's awesome!
Chas/Chazzle Dazzle: not only are you my best friends boyfriends, but i can honestly say you are one of MY best friends! You make me laugh, and give me coffee candy bars in homeroom to jump-start all those loverly days that begin with me whining about...hmmm...EVERYTHING!!! You rock my socks barbee boy, and soooooo totally flip my flops!!!!

Gates: i love you, nuff said!!! haha, your great gates. Whether your pole dancing at recess, or being emo with a fork at lunch, you ALWAYS make me smile. I will never forget when you hardly even knew me and i was crying, you would ALWAYS make it all better, and that is why your a great friend. And plus ur like the only boy that lets me say i love you, haha!!! (p.s. this is an awful picture of both of us :)

last but not least....*drum roll*

Cole B: okay your real name is Cole, but i pretty much always call you Cole B...hmmm i wonder??? lol, i have known you since i was 5 and we played soccer, remember when Jeffrey broke his arm and I cried? That was great, it really was. You have been here through literally everything, you've probably seen me cry a million times and hear me laugh a million times more, and you STILL stick around. You can ALWAYS make me laugh and you are always there to actaully listen, and to make my problems seem sooooo much smaller, your amazing cole you really are! Thanks!

I love you all, i really do, happy birthday!!!! hahaha!!!!! Speaking of those....MINE IS ON SATURDAY!!!!!! Okay, i love you, byeee


Sunday, April 20, 2008

High school...

One more year to think, plan, and initially make my self insane about this topic.

In some ways, it feels like a very very long time to make up my mind on which high school to go to, but in other ways it feels like only a very small amount of time to make a decision that will essentially influence the rest of my life.

I'm not going to lie, I'm terrified for high school. There i said it, yes I'm a baby, whatever.

SO here's my situation, I'm currently at a private catholic school with people I've known since i was 5 years old (some of you even longer!) and I'm soooo scared that I'm going to get to high school, and lose all of them.

The way i look at it high school could go one of three ways:

1. I show up, being the "new girl" that nobody knows, and nobody seems to care about. And eventually, all the hype will where down and I'll be left in the dust. Spending my high school years off to the side with one or two friends.

2.The first few weeks will be nerve racking, I'll have a panic attack and end up institutionalized for the rest of my life

3. Its normal, i go there meet new people and move on with my life like no big deal.

You make think I'm kidding about the second one, but trust me it, it could happen OK!!!

On to my next high school issue, where the heck am i gonna go??? I have three options, humongous ghetto school, large rich people school, small town school where people are normal everyday people and don't worry about money and all that good stuff that the rich school would make me worry about.

Oh and fourth, boarding school!!! YAAA!!! i actually think it'd be pretty cool...but my parents aren't so found of the idea.

As for now i have a year or so to freak out about it...lovely i know!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Wanna know why i love 80's fashion? Because it could b as loud, bright, and obnoxious as you wanted it to be!!!! That's my kinda fashion!!!
Oh and do you wanna know why i love my friends? Because of that, they are insane and they make me insane, which makes me happy! I love you guys, and 80's night was the bomb diggity!!
My bestest bestest bestest frined melissa came over and we got ready together, lol yeah 2 girls and some insane eyeliner!!! yeah thats what i call AMAZING!
*note: we had an 80's night at our youth group, we don't dress like that normally...ok well some of us!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008



When it comes to prom, i find myself agreeing with the lovely Christian, its "horribly tacky". But, after reading "the bible" (AKA teen vogue) I've been thinking more and more about prom. So what that its about 5 years away, a girl can dream!
Teen vogue beautifully painted my idea of a fairytale prom, complete with Betsey Johnson,Chanel, and an adorably dorky boy. I don't know about you, but if i look half as stunning as these girls do at MY prom, it will definitely be a night to remember!
So people, get excited, cause if I'm still on here in about 5 years, you'll get to see how stunning III look at prom :)
p.s. go pick up a copy of Teen Vogue, it'll make your heart smile!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


yeah get used to these...


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Walking Away...

Alright so, I'm not leaving the blogging world forever. I'm not even leaving for like 3 weeks, i just need a break. I need some time to come up with actually good stuff to post about! In case you haven't noticed my last couple of posts have been majorly suck-tastic. Im just running outa things to talk about. And plus, there are a TON of things i need to do for school. My fourth quarter grades are terrible, no joke they would probably make most kids cry. But not me, I'm used to failure! lol!

So yeah my people, I'm taking a short break. Please don't miss me to much :) love you all!


Monday, April 7, 2008


Mkay so i was reading the MEGA-AMAZING blog Walmart Will Do and i noticed that she had done a post with one of her poems, im not stealing her idea, i was just inspired by it. So yeah here goes...

I simply cannot take it anymore
and all i want is to give up
i would love to just let go
walk away
and never look back

But then i think of you
and i remember
why i've stuck around for so long


Broken, torn apart
War remains, where peace once stood
Searching, wanting, lost

Ok ok i know their both not all that great, but all my good stuff is in my Language Arts teachers classroom, so yeah I'll make this better tomorrow :)


p.s. anyone notice the layout change? u liiike?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

But i NEEEEED it...


1: its a sweater, and its striped, and i love it

2.ok ok i know i can get much cheaper and cuter at target...but i like these

3.really really really cute! and i just need it

4. come on, they're pink and they have moose on them! y wouldn't i love them?


1: its striped, and its summery!!!

2.ok ok i wouldn't wear them in public, but they look comfy

3. its poofy and its all eyelet-y i loooove it


1. its Delicious, and if you've seen the packaging you know why i loooove it

2. isn't is gorgeous? sparkly!!!

3. you should know me well enough to guess, i mean come on they're pink, sparkly, and they're bows!!!!!!!

My birthday is coming up...

i can provide links if u wanna get me something :) lol



Thursday, April 3, 2008


They're dorks, but i love them!
song of the day: brick by Ben Folds