Monday, June 30, 2008

Yes ma'am...

We we're crazy way back when, its amazing what a few months can do to a group of people...a dinner like that will probably never happen again because of pointless drama and crap...yep. Kinda sad if u think about it...i know none of you know these people but, whatever its hilarious...well to me it is, and i honestly dont care what ya think cause it was fun. One of the greatest nights of my life actually! hilarious, the kid like wont talk to me anymore but whatever he's hilarious. I miss this :( one night when the majority of us got along...yeah never see that happening again!

this just makes me laugh...we look totally diffrent now lol and this was in i think



Taylor Alison Swift...

Is my idol!

but not only that, she has a concert in iowa on the 8th of august!!!! OMG i know!!!! And the best part of all of this is, is that its in the town RIGHT next to my grandparents town!!!!

and do u wanna hear the absolute most fabulous part of it all?!??!?!


that my friends is what i would like to call FRUSTRATING!!!!

Its been a year since i've seen my favorite singer in concert :(

a very long year i might add!!!!

so...for now, i'm stuck sitting at home...with Taylor Swift blaring, and singing into my hairbrush like it was a microphone!!! (if you dont do stuff like that there is something very wrong with you!)

I'm sorry taylor, i know you'll miss me!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ruslana Korshunova...

Rest in peace



Saturday, June 28, 2008


Yep i got it cut
it looks good
i would show you pictures but i dont have any
and i look ugly today so yeah

and GUESS WHAT!!!!!



today is the neighborhood block party
sound fun?
im the only kid in my neighborhood
its gonna be a gawsh darn BLAST!!!
psh yeah right

oh and guessssss what...
75TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kay im done


p.s. I'm awfully pessimistic today :)

Friday, June 27, 2008


i'm getting a haircut tommorow...and i honestly have no idea what i want to do but i know i want to change it! Way back in like febuary i decided i was gonna grow my bangs out and whatever idiot decided that was okay for me to do is really stupid, lol.

i need:
*enough length to make it curly or straight cause it goes either way (mostly curly, duh u guys know what i look like)

I dont want any length off what i have right now...but i do want a change cause i cannot stand my hair its really...BLEH...great adjective, i know.

Someone needs to help me...




Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get Smart...

I saw Get Smart last night and let me tell ya, it may not of been the most complex movie ever but i thought it was HILARIOUS!!!! And i never thought i would say this about the movie, but anne hathaways clothes we're absolutley AMAZING! I'm sure my friends we're about to kill me everytime i said "ohhhh i want her earings, look there chanel! OMG her sunglasses are fabulous! wow i love that dress!" the list could go on for ages...:)

Which brings me to my next topic...The Devil Wears Prada, yes i know its a fairly old movie, but i've been obssed with it lately! i mean the clothes are just stunning! And i just love the story of the whole movie, and mostly the clothes! hehe

Basically what im saying here is that Anne Hathaway rocks my socks and totally flips my flops...:)



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

im a dork...

Friday, June 20, 2008


so on Tuesday and Thursday, every one this summer, i have to get up at 6:30 (AM...gahhhh) and go volunteer at the hospital where my mom works. Don't be fooled into thinking "what a great young woman taking time out of her summer and beauty sleep to volunteer at a hospital!" oh no my dears, being selfless has nothing to do with it, nothing at all. Being told by my mother that i had to, now that has EVERYTHING to do with it.

The first day...was pretty bad, not awful but pretty bad. I got stuck in med. records making charts, and that wouldn't of been bad because it was organized and i got to do something that was methodical and fairly easy, but the woman i worked with...was certifiably insane, i sware it! She had this need to tell me EVERYTHING about her self, and i mean everything, every personal detail right down to her first boyfriends birthday (march 31). You may think I'm exaggerating...but i sware to you i am not! Then when she asked how old i was, she was shocked that i was only 13, after all she had just confided in a 13 year old!!

Now the second day, was great!!!!! I got to work in the Laboratory, which sounds awfully officially....but not really, i was sorta a secretary i guess. OH OH OH i can now use a fax machine and a copy machine thingy and i know where P.O.E.T I go to take patients to where they needed to be and pick up blood samples, it was really interesting actually, i liked it alot! Which is weird cause normally i hate blood and needles and all that lovely stuff!

Then after boss made me work at the information desk for one very very very long was a bunch of little old ladies worrying about what they were going to cook for dinner, need less to say it was anything but thrilling.

So yeah...that's my summer "job" that i don't get payed for :( whatever i guess its better than sitting at home, OK some days its better than sitting at home.

OH and I'm reading this new book called Vanishing Acts and its by Jodi Picoult and its amazing and you should go buy a copy of every Jodi Picoult book ever made right now!!!!! Especially my sisters keeper because it is definitely classified as "my favorite book of all time"



p.s. sorry about the extreme length of this post, if u read this whole thing...Jesus love you extra!

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yeah i'm seeing Inidana Jones tonight and i'm really hoping it'll be good, if all else fails i can just drool over shia labeouf...hehe my boyfriend would just ah-dore that!

Speaking of him...he's outa town like all summer, theres like 3 days i can hang out with him...which really really sucks. But we text almost every second of everyday and talk on the phone alllll the time...yeah yall probably really do NOT care but whatever. hehe

This is kinda late to be talking about...but the newest teen vogue (with Hayden Panettiere on the cover) simply amazed me.

The olympic sports "our way" editorial was stunning...especially the Track and Field category

How can you not love that?

And Hayden looked absolutley gorgeous!

She just looks so...naturaly pretty. I know shes wearing makeup, its a cover shoot of course she is, but she just looks natural and not over done. And she seems so nice and approachable. And the clothes just seem so...her. She owned it!



Friday, June 13, 2008


I take way to many pointless pictures

Oh and i've realized that im WAY to dependent on my phone and texting addicted

Got those shorts at american eagle...i like them alot, kinda on the verge of love but i have a problem saying i love an object of clothing.

dear god...what am i talking about


p.s. yes i know this was really pointless and stupid

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You can start screaming with joy riiiiiiight abouuuuutttt.....NOW!

Thanks to Sydney and taffy and whoever else reads this crap i'm back!!!


so where should i begin...

well last week i was in Iowa...and in case you didn't know its flooded and insane, houses are under water. My grandparents are lucky cause they dont live directly on a a river.

It was insane though, corn fields were like ponds, and im not exagerating. Its suppose to get worse.

And summer has been...pretty lame so far im not gonna lie. Its okay though, im definetly not complaing...i'll wait a couple weeks for that ;)

So yeah im back...and better than ever (maybe, my sanity is kinda on the line right now) so what do u guys wanna hear about?!?!?!?


(i really miss doing that!!! lol)