Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wanna hear a funny store? I haven't owned a non-designer purse since fifth grade. Call it what you want, but my mom seems to think the correct term for it would be "spoiled" i just tell her that "i'm not spoiled, i'm just well taken care of!" Apparantly she wants me to chage, so i found these bags, which are ah-dorable by the way, and i wanted to have a vote! Target is very very cool (thank you sooo much She<3Fashun!!!)! Anyone who is reading this, should cast there vote so i can make my decision better!!

A: an amazing white tote, black and white are, in fact, the best color combo around

B: this bag is just to cute, i love its nautical touch and it makes me think of vacationing in do i miss that vacation

C: Cute, kinda trendy, i just like it and thats really all thats too it!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Mkay, thanks to the MEGA AMAZING she <3 fashun (sorry i don't know your real name), i have been given the thinking blogger award! Thanks a bundle hun!

1. What is the story behind the name of your blog and the nickname?
To be honest with you, its a phrase that has ran through my mind for a few years now. I don't know where it came from but, i knew it'd be right for this blog

2. Why did you start blogging in the first place?
Mostly, because my rents wouldn't let me get a myspace. But i also did it becuase my youth group leaders knew i had an intrest in fashion. So they gave me the link to Teenfashionista's blog, and since then i've been hooked on blogging.

3. What has been your best and worst blogging experience?
The worst was probably the comment randomly left by one of my ex-bff's, yeah that really hurt. The best has definetly been just meeting super nice and genuinely cool people on here, i love the comments and i love meeting people.

4. What do you think/want to happen to your blog in 2008?
I would really like to start hitting the double digits when it comes to comments, but i realize that that's not going to happen over night!

My nominations:
1. teenfashionista ( )
2. Sydney Speaks ( )
3. This is Adele ( )


Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm baaaack...

Ya know how sometimes there comes a time when you want something sooooo badly, that it becomes a need? Well above would be my "need". I've looked it up on the Coach website for quite a while now, and its been my daily ritual, just to make sure they STILL have it.

So i'm debating wether i should bite the dust, and just buy it already. Or if i should wait until my birthday and beg my biological father for daddy did, after all, come threw with my ipod touch at Christmas :) i'm a major brat. But i need it. And i'll do almost anything to get what i need :)

Well my loves...what do you think? Wait until my birthday? Or just go ahead, and buy it!!!???!!!



Friday, February 22, 2008


So i'm in a rut. I have nothing to talk about anymore. Nothing is really going on in life. And no one is commenting on my page. I'm just bored.

I guess something needs to happen in my life. Just diffrent, i honestly am just bore outa my mind half the time. These past few weekends i haven't hung out in a group of friends and i bet thats my problem.

Last weekend i spent the whole weekend with my best friend Melissa. It was a reallllll good time! Shes always fun, and i'm sooo comfortable around her its not even funny, i can waltz in her house like i own the place and its not a problem, cause i practically live there. God made us best friends cause our parents couldn't handle us as sisters.

Her sis was nominated for homecoming Queen. She looked absolutley gorgeous, she didnt win but she was still pretty. Love ya Katie!

well...i guess thats all for now

i'm going skool clothes shopping..woo more khaki pants and white polos, what a party! ;)



Monday, February 18, 2008

Sick day...

Today i'm sick...and it really is not any fun at all. But it gave me time to think about stuff. And to think about the fact that i desperatley need to go shoping. I need to get some RainBoots . (click on that cause there really cute!)

I need a new sweatshirt .

I need new pink flats .

I need a cellphone .

I need some boots .

Wanna buy me presents? teehee


p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures, i just don't feel like dealing with that right now

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day...

This is a quick sloppy post with some bad photography, lol!
Valentines day wasn't as bad as i thought it'd b, i guess i really am just ah-dored! lol
i learned that i truly am just loved to pieces!

Well i hope it was a good one for u guys!!


p.s. don't u just love how that hershey kiss is sittin on the new teen vogue?!?!?! lol

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Saint Louis...

Friday: movies with my amazing friends (The Eye)
Saturday:me and my fabulous cousins hung out and then i went shoping in Saint Louis and i got amazing clothes :)
Sunday: Saint Louis science center with my mom and stepdad, we went to this amazing human body exhibit, really really cool stuff!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So i wasn't really truly tagged because no one said "i tag reggie" but...whatever i'm doing it anyway!!! i' tagging Natalie (this is natalie bright), Sydeny (sydney speaks), and Walmart will do (sorry i don't know your real name!), Marissa (sorry i don't know your blog title!), and Trisha (Friends Are Life)!!! have fun!!!

8 things i'm passionate about:
*Jesus and God
*good literature
*the AIDS epedimic in Africa

8 things i want to do before i die:
* move to NYC
* possibly start a youth ministry
*become a mother (not any time soon!)
* resolve things with my Father (dreaming a bit here)
*go to Parson's New School of Design in NYC
* open my own store
*stick up to my psychotic religon teacher and tell her what i believe and not geting scolded for it
*get married

8 things i say often:
* like
*oh my gosh
*non jour (no thats not a typo folks!)
* stupid idiot
*shut up
*you're joking!

8 T.V. shows i recently watched:
*Saved By the Bell
*Hannah Montana
*Wizards of Waverly Place (yes i am a dork, i know!)
*Project Runway
*Trading Spaces
*American Idol
*Instant Star

8 Artists i never get tired of listneing to:
*Taylor Swift
*Carrie Underwood
*Avril Lavigne
*Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
*Kate Nash
*Britney Spears (guilty pleasure!)

8 Things that Atract Me to My friends:
* how we all have the same sense of humor
*how much they love me
*the fact that they've seen me at my lowest lows and still love me
*the fact that i am a totally insane freak sometimes and there right by my side...being insane
*that we can go to the mall, crack up, get stared at, and still have an amazing time
*that i see them all the time (even on weekends and breaks and snow days
*that even my guy friends truly listen to my problems and give me thoughtful input
*that they encourage me to be a better person

8 Things i Learned in 2007:
* that the waves in the ocean are controled by the pull of gravity from the moon
*that my cousins are awesome
*that you cannot trust everyone
* that heart break just brings you one step closer to happiness
*that Cole Brendel makes amazing CD's for me...every single year (its tradition!)
*that no matter how perfect life in the good ol' USA seems, there is crazy stuff happening everywhere
*that nobody's perfect, and i gotta work it!
*That with Jesus, everything will indeed be ok, because he really does care!!!


Sunday, February 3, 2008


This is my awsome bestest friend Melissa! We just got home from basketball practice and we were crackin up and then I got the camera and just decided to make an awsome video and there it is! Great stuff!!!!!! We are awsome!!!!!!

im srry to SOME of u out there, so i taped my sincerest apoligy!!!!!!!!




Well up until yesterday there had been no insane drama this year. Some of you may of read the comment on my last post by emzayy or whatever, well yup that wasn't even the worst of it.

So, as for my saturday it was spent changing my password on my AIM, emailing someone, and talking on the phone about how to solve all this ridiculousness.

Since when is it ok to call someone a fat whore and get away with it? Since when is it allowed to log onto to someone elses AIM and trash there buddy info? Because up until yesterday I thought all that stupid imature crap was behind the majority of my friends. I guess i was wrong about some people and i guess that this will teach me who to trust.

As for me, i think i'm just gonna be the bigger person, no matter how much i want to bash someones face in. Its stupid, and i honestly don't care anymore. I know this post doesn't make sense to the majority of you but...i needed to vent.

SO its a new day! and i'm gonna put on my happy face, and hang with the friends i know i can trust!