Monday, May 26, 2008

Not back...

Still alive! really happy with life at the moment!


Monday, May 12, 2008

I quit...

There is to much going on in my life to worry about this blog, its not like anyone really ever reads it anyways so yeah.

Sorry to all of you who actually do read it, i'll be on to comment and stuff but i mean i probably won't b case you didn't notice my posts have sucked majorly for a while so yeah i'm done with this.

Sorry, if u really knew me you'd understand, theres just way to much that i need to worry about right now that doesn't allow me anytime to worry about this blog, srry again, i suck i know :)


Thursday, May 8, 2008

I don't care what they say, i'm in love with you...

Its a bubble dress!!! (don't hit me)
I know lots of you hate them, but i for one love this dress!
And i added some lacoste to it, so does that make anything better? haha
I still need to find something cute to wear under it...none of the above are really working for me
Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone even read this anymore?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Take me away, i'm gonna hurt somebody...

My hair sucks, jus thought you guys should know! Here it is on a very very good day...

Yeah i know what your thinking "wow i'd hate to see it on a BAD day!" needs a trim!
Any suggestions?!??! i'm willing to switch up color and style, but NOT length!
Suggestions r greatly appreciated!!!
School can offically be called Suck-tastical! Woo! I'm getting to the point where everyone (except about 5 people) and everything annoys me about it. Certain people are making me insane, and i need a break or i'm going to hurt somebody! *hence the title of this post*

I feel like im trapped at school, like everything i do or say is watched and scrutinized. And as much as i know i shouldn't, i'm constantly thinking about what other people are thinking. It's totally ridiculous, and i know that, but its true!

But i do have a happy story to tell you!!!! There's this boy....(haha you KNOW this is gonnna be good) and well quite frankly he makes me feel special, i love it! :)

Now i'm going to go do homework! cannot wait!! lol

Saturday, May 3, 2008


What i learned from my birthday party:

Dresses and tennis shoes r the IT thing!

Melissa Williamson is the awesomest best friend ever! (but i already knew that)

My house is super super scarily quiet without my friends

I love my friends more then life

Dresses are amazing

Juicy Perfume, Victorias secret lip gloss, itunes gift cards, princess birthday cards, M&M's,gorgeous shirts, mall credit cards, and gangster hats rock my world!

The Party was amazing, my outfit was gorgeous!!!! And i looked pretty!!! I wore my Yankees black and pink gangster hat all night thanks to the lovely Jackson!!!! It was sooo fun, and i miss my friends sooo much right now! It was a great time! I think i heard the song jump on it 50 times, and i learned that "Don't Cha" is only amazing when Bret dances to it! Im sooo sad that its over!

Who all came:







Cole B.





Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cole Brendel...

According to Cole B....

Polos and basketball shorts are the "it" thing!

Am i the only one who missed this memo?!?!?!


p.s. im aware that im a total loser, but im ok with it :)