Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey brittany...

where is your engagement ring? does it mean anything? does the boy with the ring?

lalala I'm weird

and I'm sick
how fun!!!!

Back to school in less than a month!!!!

Being the total dork that i am, I'm absolutely THRILLED to go back to school! The first month or so of school is always awesome because everyones happy to see each other again!

Just remember that in a bout 4 months you guys are going to get to hear me whine and complain about how much i hate it :)

I haven't eaten meat in a week....go me!!!

And i actually got some really cute shorts at abercrombie, normally i would never get shorts there because they're soooo short but these ones were actually cute! And i learned that hollister's shorts are shorter!

le gasp!!!

Its been a pretty good babysitter got a really cute puppy named Coco who is just the sweetest little doggy ever!!!!

I want a puppy...but noooo instead I'm gonna get a baby! WOOOO


speaking of that...I'm gonna be a big sister in 3 weeks (give or take)!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEIRD it feels like yesterday that i found out my mom was pregnant and now the things gonna be here....weird



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The not-so-calm after the storm...

patrica wanted a thas what i give skins much better now!!!

Missouri weather makes me sick, it was a rainy disgusting day today. Normally, i love days like this cause its an excuse to break out the thermal tees, skinny jeans, and uggs! But oh no, after the's disgustingly humid, you cant stand outside for two minutes without geting sweaty, its nastytastic!

So im curled up inside with the lovely air condtioning :)


Sunday, July 20, 2008

kickin and screamin...

LONG weekend
LONG day

but i got to think alot, which i do all the time anyways, "i just...i sit and i think sometimes, and i lay in bed at night and think" "and then jesus came out and i ran over him to" HAHAHAHAHAHA kay go watch high school confidential or whatever the heck thats called on that one channel, "WE" i think

shut sleep deprived :P

so anyways i realized that im going to make the best of my last year at private school, hold my head high no matter what, not let drama get in the way, not let a certain girl with a certain passion for eating disorder humor tick me off to terribly much, and just roll with the punches becuase this is the last year i'll be with all my beautiful friends all in one place.

oh gosh im actually getting all teary eyed as im typing this....geez raigan get a friggin grip!

and now im talking to myself


My cousin is awesome, his name is alex, he's 16 and has a beautiful truck.....i though yall should know

OH and go read "19 Minutes" by Jodi Picoult because she's amazing and that book is amazing!!!!

alrighty lovers im gonna get off the internet and go like...sleep or something


Friday, July 18, 2008

this weekend...

i'm gonna be out of town and at my mom's baby shower so i won't be on to post
or comment
or check my email
or anything

lol so yeah!!!


p.s. 90TH POST!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

money money money...

Have you ever realized that almost everything in life revolves around money? You either don't have enough, have to much, dont have any, or need more.

Why? Why is money such a huge deal?

Seriously, if we didn't have money life would be sooooo much better! You would work for pleasure and not because you needed the money. You would go to school simply to learn things just for knowledge, and not because you need the intelligence for a future job that would require money. People who are starving wouldn't starve, because the majority who do dint have food because they don't have money for it!

Notice a pattern here?

I was just thinking about this today because i was thinking about all the things i want, material things. Digital camera, clothes, itunes dollars, CD's, iphone, macbook, juicy couture purse, louis vuitton, etc.

If i had about 70000000000000000000000000 dollars, i could have everything i wanted. But if we didn't have money, we could almost all have what we want.

I know, i know there are many holes in my theory but if you think about it without thinking about all the chaos and problems this could cause it would be really really great for the world.

Kinda like how the idea of Communism was actually pretty intelligent and good, until it actually got fulfilled and turned out to be pretty dang horrible.

Yeah thats it for my rant...


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goody goody gumdrops...

Oh golly my mood has improved a ton thanks to the ever so lovely Cait!!!! First off, this girl can write! I mean really go check out her blog dk;dc over in my link list, and catch up with her story because it is FABULOUS!!!!! Now second, she gave me an award! OH GOODY GOODY GUMDROPS!!!!!!!

hehehe i looooooove stuff like that, getting tagged and what not, so if u ever need someone to tag I'm your woman!!!! EEEEK lol sorry I'm really hyper!!!
And third she is just SOOOO sweet, such a nice girl!!!
And today i went to the dermatologist (skin doctor) and guess what guys I'm gonna be beautiful! LOL
And last but not least....theres this awesome new blog called CRUB that i definitely think you guys should check out!!! HAHAHA!!! Ya know my buddy cole who i made a post about a couple days ago? Well long story short we got a blog together and its going to be muy intersante!!! (very interesting) go read it right now or I'll hurt no peace and love violence is never the answer!!!
p.s. i would tag other people but all the bloggers that i absolutely love have already been tagged (cait, ellie, etc.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lacking inspiration...

Summer is almost over, ok well a month, but thats no where near enough time. It feels like this all just started and now its almost over. That's not fair or cool at all. :(

And on top of this all, nothing all that spectacular has happened this's just been dull and boring but i want something FUNTASTICALAMAZINGTASTIC to happen!

Gross...i sound really whiney in this post

Oh and i'm totally lacking blog inspiration, YIPEE.

I guess im just bummed for no reason at all....goody goody gumdrops!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Look what i found...

I know, i know, its topshop! Most of you probably already knew about this fabulous website but im just discovering it (im a loser) and im in love! i need all of this....

I also need a job, that pays me money!!!!

But yeah, topshop is the bomb dot com baby!!! Its all fairly cheap to!!! And it appears to be pretty good quality!!!

So readers, any of you ever bought anything from topshop? Should i buy some stuff from there?



Saturday, July 12, 2008

oh my ginger...

haha cole will definietly appreciate this

Speaking of COLE BRENDEL (yeah please stalk him he desrves it)

he's my only friend that actually reads my blog!!!! well that i know of...

AWWWW COLE!!!! lol
ok sorry random moment of affection is now over...

p.s. cole wanted you all to know that he wanted lots of comments on this post, becuase he wanted to know if the rest of the world thought he was dead sexy! Let us know!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Weak/Week summary...

busy busy busy week my friends!!!

Monday my babysitter/best friend that isnt my age and i had loads of fun! We went to panera which was delicious, when isnt it? Then went to her condo which is just super cute and awesome, and we decided we were gonna go tan. HAHAHAHA well we went to her pool...haha there was ONE chair and it was falling apart, we tanned for about 10 minutes then just gave up. Went home, showered, then went to the mall! goody goody gumdrops!!!!!!!! And...the best purchase of the day was DEFINITELY camp rock and pirates of the Caribbean underwear, hahahaha best day of my friggin life!

Tuesday i volunteered which was yucky...really really boring day.

Wednesday night went to the movies with Josh, just the two of us. First real date, dang was i nervous! But it went super dooper well!!!! He put his arm around me which was soooo cute, hehe i love boys!

Thursday i volunteered and it was a great day! Lots to do! Then i had a skin doctors appointment which was AMAZING i have to go in every Tuesday and get my face all awesometastical...haha yeah I'm really excited, my skin suckssss!!!!

And Friday was good, relaxing! thank God!!!!!!!!

And I've spent almost all my birthday money except the checks which I'm not allowed to spend but must save. Juicy couture tote or college??? hmmm what a toss up!!!!

And this weekend i get to clean!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO THRILLED!!!! bleh yucky


p.s. this post is lame

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


hey guys sorry i've been a sucky blogger lately!
i'll be back soon, this week is just ultra busy!
i promise to have a good post up soon!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I've fallen in love...

Yes my friends, i have fallen in love with a Jonas brother. Wow...i never thought i would ever say that, because frankly i thought they were really really over rated. I never understood all the screaming girls that follow them around...but now i really get it.
I just watched camp rock...and Joe just stole my heart.
I want to be the voice inside his head! I want to be the reason that he's singing!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy happy joy joy!!!

*Jac Vanek, photographer extrordainare and scene queen, she rocks...random pic*

Today was AMAZING!!!!!

I got a really really awesome pedicure
i went to the mall and got some really really cute clothes
AND our Buckle store here just started carrying ED HARDY!!!!!!!!!


haha ed hardy rocks my world...

and when i turned my phone on this morning i was greeted with the most simple, but most amazingtotallymademe100%happytastical text message some of u know my boyfriends been at camp for TEN days....

Josh: im baaaack

haha im such a loser...
and tommorow i'll have pics up of my lovey toes and clothes!

i can ryhme...its no crime
im a poet and i didnt even know it
i need to stop, call a cop!!!

lol...i've gone off the deep end

10 songs i cant live without:

*burnin up, Jonas brothers (dont beat me)
*the girls a straight up hustler, all time low
*i'll be there for you, bon jovi
*keep on lovin you, REO speedwagon
*sex and candy, marcy playground
*wonderwall, oasis
*i want action tonight, poison
*saints of los angeles, motley crue/crew (i cant spell)
*fscene8, the medic droid
*control, metro station

im eclectic


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy independence day!!!

Thank you to all the amazing men and woman who make it possible for me to live in this awesome country! I'm a proud american! So today let's remember the awesome people who have fought, are fighting for, and have died for our right to live here! Dont forget that this day celebrates our independence, and not just fireworks and delicious barbeque foods!

happy 4th!


Its to early...

Or late depending on how you look at the world, but its 3:45 A.M. (in the morning) and i am WIDE awake! Because i got up at 6:30 AM...and worked/volunteered all day, came home and crashed at about 5....and woke up at 1:30! And layed there for a while debating whether or not i should actually get up and do something...i ended up getting up! WOO go me! I'm motivated...nawt really.

Ya know what i hate the most about this? i wake up and i feel like my throat is gonna just close up cause i am SOOOOOOOOO I'm drinking some water so I'm all better! ALMOST!

GAH I'm a

IDK if any of you read the blog "Hail Mary" ( but you should because shes an awesome writer and even though i dont know her she seems really nice!

AND I'm taking her school of culture challenge and you should to because really, we all need to be cultured!

And now I'm going to tell you what i learned about David Suzuki!

*forceful spokesperson on the subject of global warning

*he has produced many popular television shows that endorse the need to work with nature, not against it

*his family (mom, dad, twin sister Marcia, sister Dawn, and sister, Aiko) suffered internment in 1942, when he was 6 years old, during World War II

* in 2006 he received the Bradford Washburn Award from the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts

that's only a little bit of what i read about him! Very interesting i didn't even know who he was until today!

Today at my volunteering job i met this man and i was supposed to take him back to whatever department he needed to go to and i go "hi I'm raigan!" and he goes "hooray! good for you!" mmm gotta love sinical people!

5 songs I've listened to over the course of this post:
1. I'll be there for you by: Bon Jovi
2. Holly (would you turn me on?) by: All Time Low
3. The Beach by: All Time Low
4. She's Got Style by:Never Shout Never (I LOVE IT!)
5. Shameless by: All Time Low

clearly i listen to a lot of All Time Low...
speaking of music! I'd love to have some recommendations of songs i should listen to!
Don't feel stupid, tell me what you like, because I'm always in need of some good music!
Music makes the world go round!

AND GUESS WHAT!!!!! On Sunday my boyfriend and best guy friend come home from camp! MY LIFE IS GONNA BE COMPLETE! lol! I'm really excited...its been a long 8 days...and now i only have like 2 left! yippeee!!!

Ya know what ticks me off? Skittles! because they say you can taste the rainbow, but you cant cause there is no blue skittle! (ROY G. BIV!) I should sue them for false advertising...but really i do wonder why they left out the blue, one color! would it of killed them to add ONE color!!!!

tsk tsk!
wow...clearly i have to much time to think at the moment!
I'm gonna get a pedicure this weekend! Yes i know you guys are excited!
This post is simply falling apart...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

im an idiot...

new background?
yeah well all my links got deleted...

so...if u want me to link u now is the chance to ask!!!



Cookie Monster...

(title has no signifigance, sorry to disapoint)

I got a cavity filled today! And they didnt even use a needle! And i didnt cry! It was magical!

and im a loser :P

And i got a really great new layout that i really love!

wow today is just the not really but i can dream!

speaking of dreaming, i need to go to bed! volunteering tommorow bright and early!