Friday, November 21, 2008

Have a holly jolly christmas...

Winter is here my friends, and I don't see any signs of it what's a girl to do but buy hello kitty earmuffs?!

Christmas is a month away, which seems so unreal! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me, Victoria, and my mom and step dad and brother went and got pictures with Santa Claus!!!! I'm very excited for Christmas, like so excited that i want to put up my Christmas tree NOW!!!!!I've been thinking about it....and i really really want to do a blogger Christmas present exchange! I know it might be creepy to like give out your address and stuff....but you should get a PO box! haha i realize that this probably won't happen.....but i waaaant it to :)
Yesterday i went to my friend Hannah's swim meet, and let me tell yah folks it was great fun! First off, Hannah is amazing. She's the one that keeps me awake through my first four periods of school, and the girl has the ability to make me laugh un-controlably, which is something i admire in a person! The meet was great and her swim team friends are awesome, they were very very excepting of my friend Cole and I. I've noticed that most kids are the hi and bye type. Who will say hi when they meet you then just not acknowledge your existence, but oh man swim team kids are so totally not that way. Not to mention that swim boys are sexy....dead sexy actually!

Cole's a dweed!
So I have to write a paper on Nelson Mandela...
it's due on Monday...
And i need to get off blogger and work work work!
hope you all have had an amazing week! Comments are love my friends


p.s. i still don't know what's up with these big ol' gaps!

Friday, November 14, 2008

There is a pair of panties in your toilet...

LOL um....Analiese had a pair of panties in her i really needed to make that the title even though it's completely irrelevant....but geez it was hilarious!

i burnt my left hand on my straightener...
and although it's a funny story....
it REALLY hurts

I also went shopping today and got oodles and oodles of new stuff!!! Sweaters, zip-ups, a scarf, NEW UGGS, and dresses! It was quite the trip my friends, quite the trip indeed!

I'll post pictures later...cause I'm a lazy bum and i don't really feel like making this post all that excellent.

This week has been pretty good, my step dad had surgery in saint Louis so my mom, brother, and him went there all week for that and my grandparents stayed here with me. I went to two basketball games that were great fun!!!! I definitely missed basketball season and yah know just being with my friends cause without football and basketball games the only other thing we really do is go to the movies....and that just gets flat out boring.

I cleaned my room, it is SPOTLESS! OH OH OH! i finally got a full length mirror, that's a definite plus!!!

I have this armoire in my room that houses my television, and on top of it are like thousands of beanie babies (i was a cool child) and teddy bears of all varieties. This Thursday i took them all down, and although i know that,yes,they most definitely needed to go, i sort of felt like i was getting rid of my childhood. A couple tears were shed, nothing to major though haha.

We started playing this game at recess (oh yes, we still have recess in 8th grade, we're cool kids) called the oracle and oh man it's great. I'm gonna take full credit for introducing it because I'm just a brat like that. And I started off wanting to explain it to you...but now I just don't feel like it. Like I said, lazy bum!

Wow...i sound really conceited in this post with all my "yeah I'm just that cool"s and "I'm a brat like that", i promise that I'm not conceited....not even in the slightest bit.

I bought the new Taylor Swift CD called Fearless and my god, you all better get out there and buy it because let me tell you it is WORTH IT! It's beautiful, and can speak to pretty much everyone! I cried, no joke. I don't know if it's just me, but when she sings i feel like she's talking to me.

I also got the twilight soundtrack and I'm SOOOOOOO excited to go see the movie! Not to sure when that'll happen cause I think that on the 21st me and Victoria and Analiese and maybe Melissa might go see The Plain White T's, Meg and Dia, and The Cab!!!!!!!! I'm uberly excited for that, yes UBERLY!!!!

This post was kinda fun....i like filling y'all in on my not-all-that-exciting life!

I do need some post ideas though cause I'm pretty sure you guys are kind of getting tired of this kind of post...suggestions?


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh Geez...

So...I've been a crappy blogger. Yeah, I'm sure you're fully aware of this. But i DO have excuses!!!

I went to visit my dad's family this weekend,thank God i did not see that man, but yeah it was nice.

I pretty much screamed with joy for about 3829572958723985 minutes when i learned that Obama won the election!!!!!! TAKE THAT NARROW MINDED CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!! wootwoot!!!! The only downer is that kids at my school have decided that assassination would be the best option for our country, psh I'll assassinate them if they lay a hand on my beloved Obama's head!!!

I got my camera back....PICTURES! haha

I have been tagged by the ever so lovely MARY (, and i just thought I'd mention that she is a very lovely girl with amazing fashion sense! And amazing hair!

kay so here goes it with the tagging!

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

1.When i was a little girl i was convinced that our car would not go until my seat belt was buckled, my mother trained me well!

2. I buy a lot of shirts, i only own 3 pairs of jeans and oodles and oodles of shirts. It's a severe problem, but the highlight in it is that leggings are a common part of my life. And everyone loves leggings!

3. I often lay in bed at night and think about other people, like...Paris Hilton (just an example, not a common one!), and think about how somewhere out there he/she is doing something at the same exact time as i am thinking about them.
4. I'm one of those people that masks pain with humor, I'm learning that it's not the best way to go about life.
5. I went on a twilight reading binge where at one point my views on fantasy and reality got twisted, and i actually started to believe some of it.
6. Getting text messages makes me like EXTREMELY happy, it's kind of un-real how excited i get when people text me.

now you know just how much of a dork i am! I tag...

1. Sydeny (
2. Alyssa (

3. Elle (

4. Ellie (you really don't have to do this, cause i get how hard it is for you with the characters and such) (

i really can't think of anyone else, and I'm tired....and this post is just awful but...but....i'm sleeeeeepy haha


i'm sure you are loving this huge gap
cause i am too

i hate blogger

i cant fix find the bottom and comment.....that's a command

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fricken frack...

so i sat down to type this post about the amazing Obama rally and my...interesting...halloween
but then i realized that one of my friends has my camera
and i cannot do a post without pictures

it just doesn't work for me, except for my last post but that was different!
oh and thanks for being so open minded and supportive everyone!!!

but i can summarize my weekend a bit :)

Yesterday i helped my mom find an outfit for Hunter's baptism
then went to Victoria's and chilled
then we went to eat at Teller's and wow, i have never had such delicious curly fries!!! MMMMMM!!!!!!
Then her friend Nick came over and we watched a movie and just hung out
then devised a genius plan to make him leave and to take me home hehehe
we're such sweet girls :)

We also decided that we're gonna go see then Plain White T's at the Blue Note on November 21, and let me tell u folks......I'M FRICKEN EXCITED!!!!

hehe and now it's Sunday...
and I'm waiting to go to Hunter's baptism....
and my outfit is fricken great, but guess what you don't get to see cause i don't have my camera!!!!