Friday, November 14, 2008

There is a pair of panties in your toilet...

LOL um....Analiese had a pair of panties in her i really needed to make that the title even though it's completely irrelevant....but geez it was hilarious!

i burnt my left hand on my straightener...
and although it's a funny story....
it REALLY hurts

I also went shopping today and got oodles and oodles of new stuff!!! Sweaters, zip-ups, a scarf, NEW UGGS, and dresses! It was quite the trip my friends, quite the trip indeed!

I'll post pictures later...cause I'm a lazy bum and i don't really feel like making this post all that excellent.

This week has been pretty good, my step dad had surgery in saint Louis so my mom, brother, and him went there all week for that and my grandparents stayed here with me. I went to two basketball games that were great fun!!!! I definitely missed basketball season and yah know just being with my friends cause without football and basketball games the only other thing we really do is go to the movies....and that just gets flat out boring.

I cleaned my room, it is SPOTLESS! OH OH OH! i finally got a full length mirror, that's a definite plus!!!

I have this armoire in my room that houses my television, and on top of it are like thousands of beanie babies (i was a cool child) and teddy bears of all varieties. This Thursday i took them all down, and although i know that,yes,they most definitely needed to go, i sort of felt like i was getting rid of my childhood. A couple tears were shed, nothing to major though haha.

We started playing this game at recess (oh yes, we still have recess in 8th grade, we're cool kids) called the oracle and oh man it's great. I'm gonna take full credit for introducing it because I'm just a brat like that. And I started off wanting to explain it to you...but now I just don't feel like it. Like I said, lazy bum!

Wow...i sound really conceited in this post with all my "yeah I'm just that cool"s and "I'm a brat like that", i promise that I'm not conceited....not even in the slightest bit.

I bought the new Taylor Swift CD called Fearless and my god, you all better get out there and buy it because let me tell you it is WORTH IT! It's beautiful, and can speak to pretty much everyone! I cried, no joke. I don't know if it's just me, but when she sings i feel like she's talking to me.

I also got the twilight soundtrack and I'm SOOOOOOO excited to go see the movie! Not to sure when that'll happen cause I think that on the 21st me and Victoria and Analiese and maybe Melissa might go see The Plain White T's, Meg and Dia, and The Cab!!!!!!!! I'm uberly excited for that, yes UBERLY!!!!

This post was kinda fun....i like filling y'all in on my not-all-that-exciting life!

I do need some post ideas though cause I'm pretty sure you guys are kind of getting tired of this kind of post...suggestions?



Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Lol..i started laughing right from the title of your post !! :D
I love the twilight sound track too !! You have a nice blog ! It's cool ! Keep blogging ! :)

ellie's kyle said...

Great post title. Man, you've gotten so much done this week. You got UUGS..Lucky!

Thanks so much for the note.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Ana said...

Nice title! lol. I would like to hear how to play the game but if you're feeling too lazy thats ok. lol.

Sydney Speel said...

new uggs?!

i just have fuggs...

Elle♥Madame said...

wow that is npretty funni :)

Anonymous said...
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