Sunday, September 14, 2008

I hate to disapoint...

jeans, american eagle. button-up, target.

(the jeans look like they are the right length, but trust me they are much to long in reality)

this blog and i are in need of some serious change...

It's been almost a year since i started this blog, and 100 posts later a bunch has changed in my life. Pretty much no one calls me reggie, and frankly i just used that so i wouldnt get stalked. For one, i like my REAL name. For two, i trust all you lovely bloggers out there to not come and find me!

So here it is folks....RAIGAN is my name and i'd appreciate it if thats what you would call me!

Oh and i just wanted to throw this out there but me and the boyfriend broke a month ago....hehe sorry for not informing you guys. Trust me, it wasnt a blog worthy event haha.

.....and the fact that he's probably reading this uberly frightens me but whatever, life shall go on!

And guess who bought skinny jeans that are actualy the appropriate length?! MEEEEE! being the 5 foot (yes, exactly 5 feet but only when i take an extremley large breath in) freak that i am, this is a hard hard task! But finally, my loverly PacSun has graced me with the awesomeest jeans in the univerise.

I'm a happy camper today :)



Gracie said...

hahaha!!! IM 5 foot 9...!!! Yeh and it's good you fond some jeans.... I found a pair at Abercrombie for a very good deal and they fit like a dream!!

Libbi said...

Well done finding the jeans,
Mine are never the right legnth and I cant never find skinnies!


Sydney Speel said...

don't worry raigan. (i love your name!)

i won't stalk. :)