Monday, September 29, 2008


Alright for starters.....the pictures in the below post are of BEFORE the adventure in hair dying, the pink is fake (i fooled u, i know). Although it would be wicked awesome to have a pink streak, my school would make me cut it out, or do it themselves, so i didn't risk that with permanent dye and opted for an extension....that is now out.

Onto the next hair is brown. I'm a brunette. Woah...words i thought i would NEVER say. It's a nice sandy blond sorta brownish color...i will have pictures soon i promise but really i don't feel like taking any right now (yes, this is a first)

Now onto what this post is really about...opinions.

I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion, but you do not have the right to express that opinion in a way that will CLEARLY hurt and/or offend others. I know that you can never please everyone, but let me give you an example of the comments I'm referring to

Me: guess what, it's national hug a vegetarian day, YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO HUG ME! *laughs*

Science Teacher: you're a vegetarian? uh....why?

Me: well, i do not have a problem eating meat but i do have a problem with the way the animals are treated before and during they re slaughtering, which is why i choose to not support an industry which tortures animals (note: this is a re-hearsed line used almost daily)

Science Teacher: ew...i like meat in my belly *gives a death stare*

REALLY? REALLY? Are you seriously that close minded, rude, and impolite to express this in front of a whole entire science class????

Couldn't you of just said, "oh, well i eat meat"! When you tell me you eat meat, i don't jump all over you for not being a vegetarian...

onto my next example...

This one comes from talking about gay and lesbian marriage, gay and lesbian relationships, etc.
I go to a catholic school, and although i do see myself as catholic, i do not agree with everything the church has to say....and i also do not think that the topic of homosexuality should be brought up in school considering the fact that almost always SOMEONE is going to get hurt...on we go

Me: I really don't think it's bad, God intended us to find love, at least that's what I've been told since i was five, and i honestly don't think he cares whether that's between members of the same or opposite sex

Gage: oh my god i can't believe you! That's disgusting! Two guys kissing, ewwww! That's nasty!

I do not care if you don't agree with homosexuality, i really do believe that that's something that is up to you, but when all you have to back that up is "ewww yucky!!!!" i have a hard time trying to take you seriously.

As much as I'd like to say I'm a strong diplomat who likes to see both sides of a story or's hard for me to do so when those presenting the points have no legitimate reasons for their beliefs....

So if you're going to make a comment, be really isn't that hard, think about how YOU would want to be treated and how YOU would feel in the other person's shoes.

And have something to say other than "ewwww yucky" end up looking like a narrow minded (not to mention un-educated) jerk.


p.s. sorry for the rant, im in a rather fowl mood


Sydney Speel said...



i have run into a homophobic...

it bothers me.

what a rude science teacher!

Gracie said...
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Gracie said...

wow, you really need to get some pics of yuour hair!!! And yeh I don't have a problem with homosexuality or bi or anything like that because you like who you like and that's nothing you can control.

And your science teacher really sounds mean!!