Saturday, October 4, 2008

i wouldnt read this if i were you...

Not to sure what this post is going to be about, I'm just bored....and haven't really been the best blogger lately considering i don't have pics up of the new hair or anything

it's just been a really......blah week. I haven't been in the mood to do much but hang out in my sweat pants and sleep. At school we had all our standardized testing this week and it just totally sucked the life out of me, im in need of some fun.

Which is why i went shopping yesterday with Victoria to get some flippin sweet clothes...wootwoot

American eagle is the bomb, Victoria's secret has amazing sales....and target is just amazing

I got that dress at American eagle, except it doesn't have the bow on it.......and i had no idea it was supposed to have a bow on it till i found this pic haha

Um....geez i hate this post like a lot i sound so depressed, which I'm really not....just a bit drained.....ahhhhhh make me happier with comments :)



Gracie said...

Show us pics of everything!!

ellie's eric said...

you deserved some sweet clothes and some rest after that test. yeah, show off that outfit. are you saving it for anything special?

all the best. really, you could start 'sisterhood of the traveling sweat pants'..just think of the possiblities with a story like that..they are so much more comfy than jeans anyday.

Sydney Speel said...

pictures pictures pictures!