Friday, October 17, 2008

Whats wrong with diggin the backstreets???

I dont know smashmouth, why dont you tell me?

I've been kinda bummed for a bit, long story short i went to visit my dad's family and well frankly all i could think about was how he doesn't care about me. Which is deifnietly enough to send a girl's emotion into wack.

Which would explain the lack of blogging, sorry about that. I really am trying to not let personal issues get in the way of this blog. But i've been really wacked out lately, and you wouldn't of wanted ot hear my whining. Promise!!!

I'm uberly excited for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm being batman, a very girly amazing version.

And today i was introduced to a very amazing local restraunt, best salad and grilled cheese EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOO and brownies, cant forget the delicious brownies!!!!

another thing that i'm excited about? photo contests! because guess what, i was Victoria's ("big sisters") model for one! you should go to that website, becuase it's awesome....and that's what the photo contest is for!

I'll put some pics from that up later, and i WILL comment back, i'll do it i swear!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL DO IT!!!!!!



ellie's eric said...

What a great hoodie. I do so like the dark shades with it.

Well, its understandable how you feel about whats going on with your Dad. Unfortunately, Dads can be so oblivious as to what they put you through. Just do your best not to be attracted to that sort of guy..which is a lot easier said than done. Unfortunately.

Thanks so much for your comment. Those brownies sound so good. I think its starting to feel like brownie weather to me.

Gracie said...

Cute hoodie, did you get that this year?

Sorry about your dad, i know how hard that must be, love you girl!

Good luck with the phote thingy, call me sometime?

Oh and what was that resturant?

Sophie said...

Thank you for the comment!
Loving the glasses in the second picture. And that restaurant sounds fantastic.

rachel said...

hey im rachel. cute blog (;

Sydney Speel said...

love the blue shades!

girly batman!

me likes!

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice sunglasses. Sorry about your dad, but I'm sure you'll be able to work things out.