Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A blog...? What's that?!?!?!

Oh i am quite the failure when it comes to the blogging world! I remember the days when i used to have to resist the urge to post about seven times a day...

Maybe those days will soon return, summer is in fact quickly approaching. Eighth grade graduation, homework, and friends have basically taken over my entire life and i apologize profusely for not posting when i said that i would.
The play went extremely well, i didn't forget a single line! It was absolutely fantastic and I'm very very proud of the fact that i didn't screw up in front of everyone!!!!
Spring break was pretty awesome too! I got to have a dance party with my friend Hannah, and that's always great. It was actually just us screaming and running around my house, but hey that's even better!!!

My birthday was last weekend and i got some amazing clothes, forever21 is officially my favorite store in the entire world!!! (the pictures are from the very day of my birthday, when melissa and i went over to cole's to party it up)

I haven't been on in forever yet i don't really have to much to say, but i will say this:

I, Raigan, here by solemnly sware to dedicate myself to this blog and my awesome readers even more!!!



ellie said...

Oh..I'm so happy the play went well. I love your newspaperboy hat too. Sounds like some great times you've had..and its great to see all those smiles..too

Happy Birthday! Go you!

Thanks for reading.

Well, I do have a few changes coming up, but you'll have to keep reading..please..please..hopefully, I won't disappoint you.

Thanks so much for the comment.

Have a great 8th grade graduation!

Cait said...

Wow! so much happening! That's so great about the play. A birthday too! Love the pics of you with your friends.

& thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate you reading my blog.

Mary said...

You look so cute little one! Your hair looks so... different! In a good way... so shiny... It's lovely

Expect an email tomorrow afternoon!

Mary said...

you've returned! glad your play went well. good luck on graduation stuff! at my school it's a big deal, and really nostalgic.

haha dance parties are the best

and I second Mary, love your hair!

ellie said...

Happy Mother's day with you and Mom & family. I know it'll be fun.

AMIT said...

So much of good pictures.

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