Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm working on a post, i really really am. And it's a really good one too, a really good smartly worded one! Oh yes, it's a rant! YAY!!!!
But as for now you'll have to enjoy this picture, because I'm also working on.......
*drum roll*
a new layout!!!!
Not to mention play line memorization! I don't know if i mentioned it, but I got a pretty big part in the eighth grade play at school. Yup, Broadway here i come!!!


ellie said...

Oh, boy..I'm so happy for you about the play. What a wonderful pic too. Love you guys.

Thanks for the note. Well, maybe you'll find out more tomorrow.

Thanks so much. Hummm..should I have posted that picture. Hopefully, its not too much..well, for tomorrow.

Fashion Fille said...

that you SO much for your beyond sweet comment. i really appreciate your appreciation for my style!

yeah, i don't get many comments. :(
that's ok. i've got you! haha!!!

Cait said...

That's just the sweetest picture every. How amazing.

Oh, all the best on the play. You can do it!

Mary said...

congratulations! what play are you all doing?

Mary said...

your email is in the draft box, done soon, my little baby kisser actress :P

What play! I don't remember hearing which one I'm pretty sure

elliestories said...

what a sweet pic.

good luck with the play.

just a moment

Gracie said...

check out

Mary said...

I gave you an award thingy on my blog.
And post something! I'm getting impatient lol.

ellie said...

How is that hairstyle going? I bet someone will miss your long hair.

ellie said...

Happy Easter! Hope you are learning those lines for the play. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you & that little one too.

All the best.

Cait said...

Wishing you lots of happiness this Easter with your friends and family.

Anonymous said...

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