Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Volleyball Game and other mentionable events...

The volleyball game went fairly well, we beat the teachers WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO
and my tutu was amazing!!!
hmm i dont really have much to say, im kinda tired

on monday Hannah and Melissa came over to make that amazing banner, it was really really fun and I geniuenly love those girls.
On friday me, jackson, melissa, hannah, and chas went to chas's house to play video games and watch movies, it was great. Had some good bonding time :)

enjoy the pictures :)


p.s. geting my haircut on saturday, suggestions???


Cait said...

Oh..sweet pictures. Love your outfit..and thing 1 and thing 2...hehehehe..the shoes are just fabulous!

Hmmmm..haircut. Well, definitely not the mohawk like your friend. That is so hard. I'm sure a hairstylist cant' wait to cut it. All sort of bobs are in ..but then you have to remember how much time you have to spend on your hair, too.

Look at lots of books with hairstyles.

Gracie said...

o i saw some pictures of you on facebook!
i was like i know that girl!
so hows life?

ellie said...

Those are some great pictures. What fun it must have been.

Thanks so much for the comment. Yeah, Eric is one of favorites.

So true about those basketball coaches..hahahahaaa...

Gracie said...

omg im going to the juicy store in saint louis today!

Mary said...

ahhaha you almost, almost, almost make me miss high school. almost. a little. I disliked high school a lot, but you know, dressing up was fun. whatevs, I love university.

if it's not too late for the haircut SIDEBANGS SIDE BANGS

girl, drop me a line @ hailmary.q at gmail dot com so we can establish an email conversation or facebook friendship or whatevs that is much more practical for being angry at boys. :) you remind me a bit of myself ahah.

good luck with les cheveux!

Fashion Addict said...

oh I really love that skirt and these pictures look like you and your friends had a great time!

Sydney said...

do something wild with the hair cut.

soundsl ike a fun game :)

love your pictures!

and your custom converse :)